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The League is seeking to obtain funding for the £300 from third parties for each of you however should that not be successful (you may need to approach the councils yourselves but the League will advise you once this has been confirmed); don’t delay as we are aware this roll out is only for 900 units and we wish you all to have access to one at your grounds this season for the reasons explained at the last League meeting.

Fabrice Muamba famously suffered a cardiac arrest on the pitch in 2012. However there have been other stories of players and spectators suddenly being taken ill at football grounds up and down the country. The initiative is aimed at giving players, staff and fans the equipment and information needed to save a life.

Once you’ve applied, the FA either grant the funding to provide you with a defibrillator and training or not; they then notify Kel Medical who issue you an invoice. Once the invoice has been paid, you’ll receive your defibrillator and either you’ll have already received the funds from the local authorities or the League will grant you the £300 interest free season loan to purchase the equipment. This must be repaid on a monthly basis to the League account via bank transfer and will be spread throughout the season.

The Essex Senior League is committed to assisting our members in having a working defibrillator at every ground during the course of the season.  The League is assisting clubs in their applications and how to secure additional funding. Please contact the League Secretary for further information.